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Is no one writing Newsroom smut fic?





EDIT: 24 hours later...nothing.

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Sorry. :( I don't watch the show!

You should! I think everyone should because Aaron Sorkin is a crazy genius and Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, and Sam Waterson just kill it.

It's nice to get comments when I haven't posted in forever. How have you been?

LOL! Personally I've never heard of the show!

Well, it's American and on HBO, so I don't know how that works across countries.

It's good. A little weirdly American patriotic, which I know for a fact bothers some, but it is also very critical of the media/politics here which I love.

Basically, it is a show centered around a cable network anchorman (Jeff Daniels) who is popular because he doesn't bother anyone who, through a series of circumstances, is forced to start really doing the news based on what is important for the education of the electorate. His boss hires his ex-girlfriend (Emily Mortimer) because she is the best producer ever and there's so much romance drama between them and random young people love triangles. All the news stories they cover are real and from 18-12 months ago. For example, last week they covered the assassination of Osama bin Laden.

I have been a terrible Mary McDonnell/Laura fan lately. I am not even close to caught up on the Closer.

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