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So much of the boob tube...
It's sickening, really, how much television I have watched in the year of my fellowship. I just watched all of Skins, Fringe, BSG, The West Wing... Oy. I am however excited about Blood and Chrome after watching the future Bill Adama on Skins.

Also, Fringe, what the frak? Really? What Hell?

But clearly I've fallen behind in fandom. I am not going to stress about catching up, since I tend to binge and purge on the fanfic, discussions, etc.

Other than that, my contract ends on the 26th, I work on the 29th, then I believe I won't need to be back in Philly until July 5th for more work. Yay for being paid hourly like a real person! With any luck, the summer shows will require an extra crew person, which would double the paycheck I currently get.

We've moved into a new house and I live with people I actually like. Frank and Eileen have peaced for the weekend/week, so I am alone, but soon Olivia and Bri will be moving in. Bri is stupidly dragging her feet about quitting McDonalds early to get used to Philadelphia before she starts work. But at least she has her won bank account not shared with her mother anymore, so that is progress.

Unfortunately, the internet is not set up, which means that on my first day off in two weeks, I am having a hard time pirating the neighbors.

Zumbo, Katie and I got drinks in between shows yesterday, which was fantastic and fun. He pointed out Katie's illogical beliefs for about an hour before ripping into mine, which is awesome because I never know what I think until someone will argue and call bullshit on it.


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