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Things I did since January
1. Ran Wardrobe (it was mostly fine and nearly always amusing)
2. Watched The Walking Dead
3. Watched The West Wing (which was awesome)
4. Watched Studo 60 (also, awesome)
5. Planned moving with friends only to be beaten down at nearly every turn. Looks like we do have a house, but I will be moving all my stuff to storage for a few days before I can move in.
6. Wished Mommy and Daddy still paid for everything.
7. Visited West Chesta!
8. Freaked out about money. Several times.
9. Questioned if this career is a sound life choice.
10. Slept a lot and not enough.

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I am not even going to attempt to catch up on LJ at this point.

The break from social media has been nice though.

I will however be looking at some fanfic series...

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Tech was so awful for this show that I drank to deal with it.

Now, the cast is so nice and fun that I have gone out every night this week. I don't have the money for this. I basically get paid in gummy bears.

I think this is my welcome into real theater.

Ps we are going out tomorrow night for trivia at nodding head. Headdesk.

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I think I'm finally getting my navel piercing on Friday. If I don't decide it is a poor decision because focus is Monday and I'll probs be bent halfway off of a catwalk to reach some of the lights. It would also kinda blow that I shouldn't use the pool at the OMG AWESOME GYM that I got a membership at. I haven't been yet because I've been sick, but Katie says it is completely awesome and I believe her.

There's also plans for drinking. Apparently Andrea has had a week at school and it's only wednesday. So Friday I work in the morning, then I'll train to Ardmore to go to West Chester, then home again at some point because I'll be babysitting a rental at the theater from 9-5 saturday, followed by the 11th Annual Aids Benefit at WCU. Sunday thankfully off.

My life is complicated like that.

Oh Canada!
laura/joseph adama
Oh my God.

So I watched the last 5 episodes of Caprica. Awesome ending. I wish BSG had that montage instead of the lame epilogue.

That said, maybe I watch too much scifi or read a bit too much fanfic or maybe I think too much while watching tv, but parts of it were really predictable for me. That didn't ruin any of it.

Oh man...
I'm going to have to start reading Pope/Brenda fanfic because I can't take not knowing what happened during their affair.

This was how I found out Laura dies and spoiled a lot for myself.


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So as to not get caught being super nerdy (or reading a/r pornfic) at work, I've fallen behind on fanfic. Apparently way behind and I totally have every intention of catching up. I always open fic in a new tab. right now I have 36 tabs open. Oh. My. God.

I've moved. Love the new place because of the lack of messy people. We apparently also now have a cat? I dunno. I visited my college on my day off and had the best time. AND the absolute greatest part was that I was there when costume and lighting storage flooded AND I GRADUATED SO I DON'T HAVE TO EVER TOUCH THESE LIGHTS AND CLOTHES THAT ARE COVERED IN SEWAGE!

Burrito Loco food was also awesome as always, along with the Caprica discussions and the gorgeous Abe. I need more of my college friends in my daily life. which is why I've decided that I am definitely going to work/see/mooch off of Clara during the Edinburgh Fringe. This means theater, comedy, and boys with accents. Also, alcohol.

Love it. Love it.

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Remember that time I couldn't go to comiccon and meet mary even though it is a 6$ bus ride from where I am?

Yup. It is very similar to right now.

At least I am having a blast working on Macbeth. A blast. For real. I like being in rehearsal/shows long enough to realize things you've never noticed about characters. I adore our Lady Macbeth's performance. And as always I am fascinated with Macbeth and Lady Macbeth's relationship and how it changes. I love some of the hilarious cast members.

Plus now I spend actual time not at the theater. It is awesome.

I've found a place to live, I don't know exactly when I could move in officially, but I'm applying at the Realtor tomorrow morning. I was hoping to move Monday, but we will see if the current roommates would be willing to let me make a copy of their key and just move in without being officially on the lease.

BSG Sporcles
I love sporcle.com. TOnight I tried the BSG sporcles...

BSG Pilots I suck and got 11/33 before giving up.

BSG Characters I am ashamed to say I blanked on Lucy Lawless and Richard Hatch for a bit, but wound up finishing with time to spare.


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